About Atlanta Design Festival

Atlanta Design Festival is the new name for Design is Human Atlanta, organised by MA! Design is Human.

Following the year-on-year success over the past decade, Atlanta Design Festival 2017 will continue to play host to Atlanta’s yearly Design Economy Expo and renowned MA! Architecture Tours, which have been an integral part of the festival since its inception in 2007. There will also be numerous showroom presentations, talks and installations. Activities will run over 9 days with unique events spanning the whole of the city, alongside satellite architecture tours taking place in Asheville, North Carolina (June 3, 2017) and Athens, GA (June 4, 2017).

The Design Economy

Most people do understand that design has something of a role in our everyday life. It shapes the products and services we use and the world we live in. However, not everyone understands the impact of design’s real potential in Atlanta’s economic growth. The Atlanta Design Festival 2017 seeks to develop Atlanta’s growing design economy revolution including promoting industry, commerce and culture. Billions annually is spent directly and indirectly on design in Atlanta and the southeast; and decision-makers are increasingly looking for new and imaginative products and solutions that bring bold ideas to life.